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Here is our full warranty statement for custom desktops.

Limited Warranty – This Limited Warranty contains the sole express warranty made by Personal PC Tech (“Company”) in connection with new desktop computer systems sold by Company (“Product”). BY PURCHASING OR ACCEPTING THE PRODUCT, THE BUYER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THE LIMITATION OF LIABILITY IS PART OF THE TERMS OF SALE, CONSTITUTES A BINDING AGREEMENT, AND MAY BE ENFORCED AGAINST YOU BY COMPANY. Any warranties, if separately provided in writing, are extended only to the Buyer whose name is shown on Company’s invoice and/or contract. All products are covered by manufacturer’s warranty, if applicable, and Company shall not be responsible for any such warranty services or claims, except as set forth herein. Company shall not be obligated to provide any warranty service or obligations unless Buyer has paid its purchases in full under this or any other Company invoice.

Warranty Coverage – Company warrants to the original purchaser that the Product(s) shall be free of any defect in material or workmanship for a period of ONE year for labor and ONE year for parts from the date of the original invoice from Company. Company shall have the sole discretion in determining whether Product is covered under the warranty for labor and/or warranty for parts. Should the Product(s) supplied by Company prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or material as reasonably determined by Company, Company agrees, at its option, to either repair or replace the Product free of charge, excluding any shipping or handling charges. Company shall not be responsible for any software or data installed on the Product originally supplied by Company. This warranty does not cover software, external devices, accessories or other parts added to a Company system after the system is shipped from Company. Any part that is repaired or replaced under this warranty will, itself, be warranted only for the remainder of the warranty period of the original product being repaired or replaced.

Parts – Personal PC Tech warranties all computer parts for a period of ONE year. After the ONE year period expires, Personal PC Tech reserves the right, with the customer’s permission to charge the customer for the replacement part. Exceptions may be made if a CPU, GPU, or RAM is overclocked above its limits and damage is done to the previously mentioned parts. Excluded from this warranty is any damage caused during shipment (except the shipment to the original purchaser) and any damage caused by: impacts, fluids, fire, flood, wind, earthquake, lightning or similar disaster; unauthorized modifications, attachments or peripherals, improper use, environment, intentional damage, installation or electrical supply; improper maintenance; any other misuse, abuse, or mishandling. Personal PC Tech’s sole liability, under this warranty, for failure to repair or replace the hardware system after a reasonable number of attempts is limited to replacement or, at Personal PC Tech’s sole discretion, refund of the original purchase price. Personal PC Tech reserves the right to void any warranty due to unauthorized modification of the system or an individual component, or due to lack of maintenance of the PC or parts included in the PC.

Replacement Parts – In the event a Personal PC Tech technician determines a part needs to be replaced in a PC, a valid credit card number will need to be provided at the time of shipment to ensure collateral is collected in the event the original part is not returned within five business days of receipt of the replacement part. Personal PC Tech will charge the credit card provided the MSRP of the part provided if the part is not returned within the time frame mentioned above.

Shipping – All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. The only situation in which a customer will not be liable for shipping costs is if and only if the computer arrives and does not function or is determined to be dead on arrival.
If shipping is paid for by Personal PC Tech and will be charged to the customer upon receipt, Personal PC Tech reserves the right to instruct the shipper to hold delivery until the subsequent shipping fees are paid.
Exceptions to this policy will not be made under any circumstances. Personal PC Tech will not speak to delays in transit time or damage en route to Personal PC Tech.

Overclocking – Overclocking completed by any party other than Personal PC Tech immediately voids any Personal PC Tech warranty. Overclocking not done by a professional can cause serious damage to multiple PC components.

Modification – Personal PC Tech will not warranty any modifications done by the end consumer and does not warranty any added parts. Any damage that occurs during the modification period is the end customers responsibility.